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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chambermaids go mad in Malaga

Remember the latex chambermaid photos I posted a couple of days ago? Well, I have some more to share, including a sneaky peek at what we chambermaids get up to when we've finished work ;)

 Second model: Anetta

Photographer: Chris Zietek | Latex: Honour | Hair and makeup: models' own

I'm off to Ireland for a week of shooting in one of my favourite countries to shoot in tomorrow! Thanks to Irish hospitality, I don't think I'll be staying in a hotel at all for the entire week, as everyone I am working with has offered to put me up for at least one night in their own homes! I will certainly try not to be too much of an imposition :)

I will be taking my iPad so I should be able to update my Twitter and Facebook with my progress while I'm over there, if you'd like to join me :)

See you soon!

Love and kisses,

Anita xxx