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Thursday, 19 April 2012

London Alternative Fashion Week: catwalk video from day 1

I'm so busy with photo shoots and other work-related admin that I only managed two days at London Alternative Fashion Week this year! It's still going on so you have time to pop down to Spitalfields Market (near Liverpool Street Station) if you want to see a free fashion show with 14 of "the most original and creative collections by a fresh crop of new designers" :)

I was there Monday and Wednesday (yesterday). On Monday I walked for two designers, one called Jar & Jam with a sort of cyber-sportswear type collection, and a retro latex designer called Lucky Dame Couture. After they had left I discovered that I still had one of their latex hair bows attached to my hair. I hope they don't mind!

Here is Monday's official video- it's worth watching the whole thing as the collections are so wild, but look out for me wearing Jar & Jam at 00:59 and Lucky Dame at 04:07! I probably could have done with attending some more runway classes beforehand, but ironically they kept clashing with runway shows that I was booked to do!

I must say that on the day, Chantal Gibbs-Jones really stood out to me (the last collection to be shown). I absolutely LOVE combining chic British tailoring, corsetry and silk with feathers and taxidermy and might well be getting my own outfit soon!

I will post about Wednesday when I have collected any photos or video that I can find from it :)

Today I'm not working until 5.30 pm, which is sort of like having a day off, really! I will need to spend much of it in talks with various people about upcoming projects but I also found time to do a little cardio too. I hope I can squeeze in some time for an ice-cream! I have a huge craving for a vanilla and chocolate cone today... I will have it in my lounge in front of the fire and listen to the rain on the window!