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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anita De Bauch vs. Stephen Perry

Here is that raincoat photo I promised you!

I had some excitement earlier this month when I was shooting all day with the great Stephen Perry on location in Folkestone. I felt like we really "clicked" and "got" each other straight away, which is a nice feeling to get when you've only just met :) You might have seen a teaser image from the shoot on Twitter or Facebook... this is the full image that I wasn't allowed to post on the social networking sites ;)

One of the many great things about working with Stephen was that he was happy to let me style myself, which on this day resulted in me wearing my Burberry mack a LOT. There is just something special about being naked inside a Burberry mack! You should definitely try it if you haven't already! Failing that, there will be more photos of me having fun being naked in my mack coming soon, which you'll be notified of right away, since I'm sure you've subscribed to my blog by now!!

I hope you had a great Easter weekend with lots of chocolate, hot cross buns and perhaps a bunny girl or two! Our friend Dan Hubbert whisked me, my boyfriend, Zehra, Madame Bink and Bink's little dachshund, Major, away to a secluded Gothic lodge in Devon for the long weekend. It was a lovely idea for catching up as he recently moved from London to Stockholm, and we've missed being able to hang out whenever we feel like it! Sometimes it seems like everyone I know lives or is moving abroad!

Anyway, after three nights of fun in the countryside with friends and feeling very refreshed, I spent a couple of days shooting up north and in the southeast, including a full day shooting latex and bondage videos and stills, mmmmm, a whole day in latex and bondage! Hopefully I will be allowed to share some of the photos in the De Bauchee Lounge over on, once it's up and running! In the meantime, you can still buy my 8x10s, limited edition postcards and signed coffee table books in my Shop, all of which feature my full colour latex photos! There is nothing like having real, physical memorabilia in your hands to keep forever! Or that's what I think, anyway.

I'm back in London for lots of shows and photo shoots during Alt Fashion Week this week, which is free entry, so I'll see you there tomorrow (I'm walking for One Eyed Designs)!

Love, Anita xo