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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A day to be a fool: look out world, here I come!

Fellow model Skin Diamond tweeted something the other day about working being a bit like meditating- very calming and mind-clearing, if you're doing work that you love, of course!

I had two photo shoots with two wonderful photographers back to back this weekend and am feeling particularly clear-minded when it comes to my goals this evening- not just things to do with work, but with life in general.

There is a huge list of places that I want to visit, for example, and I mean really explore, not just pass through. Some I've managed to get to already, some not, so I'm going to make a list to help keep my eyes on my goals! They may seem unlikely or even foolish, but if I can't dream like a fool on 1st April, when can I?!


  • Amsterdam *semi-check* I stopped over at the airport in November 2010 on my way home from Singapore, but didn't have time to go into town!
  • Athens
  • Berlin Roswell Ivory and I are planning a trip there together this summer!
  • Dublin *check*
  • Edinburgh *check*
  • Hamburg
  • Italy: wherever Aleister Crowley's old house is. That would be cool!
  • London *check* I live there!
  • Mlian *check*
  • Paris *semi-check* I visited when I was 17, but think I would be able to appreciate it more now!
  • Porto *check*
  • Prague *check*
  • Rome/ Vatican City
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Vienna
Fashion performance for Am Statik with Kitty and Luna Eve at the Erotic Awards 2012, London

  • Agra (for the Taj Mahal!)
  • Bangkok *semi-check* I had a stopover at the airport in December but couldn't actually visit the city as it was flooded! 
  • Hanoi
  • Hong Kong *check*
  • Jerusalem
  • Kuala Lumpur *check*
  • Kyoto
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore *check*
  • Tokyo *check*
Posing in my executive suite and not much else on the 82nd floor in Hong Kong, November 2011. Photographer: Teddy So

USA & Canada:
  • Alaska
  • Hollywood
  • LA
  • Las Vegas and Death Valley
  • New Orleans
  • NYC *check*
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
At a photo shoot in Singapore

I think that's enough to be getting on with, for now! Or have I forgotten somewhere? I think I'll need you to buy some more photos and other goodies from my Shop if I'm to visit these places... xo