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Friday, 30 March 2012

Self-Styling at KVmedia Studios, the theatre of illusion!

I know I've said this before, but my goodness, what a difference a little styling makes!

The following photos were taken within a 2 hour shoot at KVmedia Studios in London with Nigel Ferguson. I did my hair and makeup throughout, but Neil wardrobe styled the first shot with a neon green buckled Versace waistcoat and my patent ballet heels.

I styled the second shot into a 1920s fashion theme, using my turban, fox, a favourite LBD and Fabulously Fetish shoes. It's fun to see a 20s style shot in full colour- not something one would have seen much of in the actual 20s!

See the difference? And people comment on how "over"-filled my wardrobe is! As far as I am concerned, every individual on earth has an almost infinite number of aspects of themselves that they could express through different costumes, if they wanted to, so it truly isn't possible to have "too many" clothes, shoes or accessories! Not the most scientific of theories, perhaps, but then where is the fun in boiling the photographic theatre of illusion that is modelling down to bare facts? I prefer the deception, fun and fantasy of costume and styling, any day!

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