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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

My grandmother raised me just as much as my mother did, really, so I think of them more as my first and second mothers than as my mother and grandmother!

My grandmother is a fascinating woman who lived and modelled in London during the blitz and has been practising yoga every single day since the 60s! She has an organic pescetarian diet, is still a size 8 and completely healthy and independent in her late 80s! We eat, shop and gossip together as though we were both still 17!

Anyway, today I whisked both my mothers out of the sticks and into Knightsbridge for soy lattes followed by shopping at Harrods. I haven't been since I was a child and had forgotten how grand the building is inside as well as out!

The Egyptian Room

Marzipan fruits for sale in the Food Hall

I took my mummies for lunch at Ladurée, which I swear is like being magically transported to Paris!

We had a wonderful table in the red velvet covered mezzanine, overlooking the sugar coloured shop floor :)

I reserved the best table in the place and was sorely tempted to drag three generations of De Bauch women into a black cab to the Eurostar by the time we were halfway through our entrées! Mon dieu, c'etait tres délicieux et tres chic et jolie! Et les serveurs Français etait très charmant <3 That reminds me, one of my new year's resolutions 2011 was to sign up for a French class. I didn't find time, of course!

Perhaps I will find a "teach yourself French" app for my new iPad and then fly to Paris to see the sights- the last time I visited was as a 17 year-old traveller on a shoestring budget- pennies I saved from my weekend job as a chambermaid! But at least I could speak the language a little better then- I got an A in French at GCSE, which my French friends refuse to believe as my abilities have atrophied so badly since I was 16!

I hope you all had a great time with your female relations today! Even a simple phone call can mean the world to a woman, on any day of the year, believe me!