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Friday, 16 March 2012

The lunatics have taken over the asylum

If you came to the Torture Garden March Ball on Saturday night, you probably saw me walking for One Eyed Designs at the 1 am fashion show, although you wouldn't have recognised me in my bubonic latex Georgian asylum inmate costume!

Me and Mamzelle Maz backstage

The theme of the show was nighttime in an early 18th century madhouse, when the "screws" have left and the inmates take over, enjoying the only time they have to let loose and revel in their uniqueness, their hideous deformities and weeping sores, which they proudly parade in their own beauty show! Said sores were beautifully handcrafted as part of the clothing from coloured latex, of course!

The inmates- us models- had a whale of a time! I just knew I was going to laugh at some point so I incorporated a hissing, gibbering giggle into my character so I could let it out in bursts! I think Ruby stole the show as an inmate who thought she was a doll, though!

L-R: Cervena Fox, Alex, Maz, Ruby, me, Leah Debrincat, Lady Lucie

It was certainly novel and really quite liberating for the designer, Brett, to ask us to be as freaky, malformed and pestilent as possible on the catwalk!! Right after the show, Brett asked me to walk for her again at London Alternative Fashion Week. I said yes, of course! I'd better remember to snap out of "inmate" mode in time!!

L-R: me, Bron and Lucie (being a model instead of a designer, for a change!) after the show. I found it worryingly easy to stay in drooling maniac mode. Luckily, it wore off on the way home ;)

See you at London Alternative Fashion Week! I'm walking for One Eyed Designs on the Thursday! The show starts at 1.15 pm and it's free entry, so get there early to get a good view of the runway! I'll be posing for photos for a little while after the show, so feel free to come and have a picture taken with me :) It'll be fun!