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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Am Statik Latex at The Erotic Awards 2012

I think these are my favourite show photos ever! I did an avant-garde fashion show for Am Statik at the Erotic Awards last week, which was very "organic" and "freeflowing" (i.e. not really choreographed at all!) and involved Petal, Kitty and me being naughty latex clad fairies who gang up on the designer, Luna Eve (also a model!) and strip off her latex dress and gloves, tie her to a pole with her own corset strings, zap her with an antique violet wand, force her into a huge, tight latex collar, smear her lipstick, spank her little butt and generally menace her for a few minutes! It was all her idea, of course ;) But I hear through the grapevine that our performance was so erotic that it actually converted one of the female photographers shooting the show to trying out latex at home! Now, that's a mark of success!

L - R: Petal, Kitty, Luna, me

That is actually Petal's real hair! She has long light blonde and baby pink organic dreadlocks. They're so pretty, they look good enough to eat!

Photographer: Jon Edge | Hair and makeup: all models' own

I am particularly proud to support the Erotic Awards once again as it is more than just a fetish event/ sex party- its mission statement is to "promote excellence, respect, inclusivity, and positivity in sex and erotic expression and raise funds for the Outsiders Trust, where disabled people are supported to find partners." Isn't that great?

Absolutely everyone I met there was kind, sweet, respectful and with a heart of gold. There was not a hint of the elitism or seediness that one can sometimes encounter at these events. If our performance at the semi-finals was not sufficient to put Am Statik through to the finals, I will probably go anyway, as a paying guest, just to watch the show and hang out with all the lovely, fun, pleasant and genuinely open-minded people :)

On a more rubbery note, Luna kindly gifted me what I was wearing as sort of "bonus pay", so it will probably be popping up in my shoots once it's been cleaned! I love the colour and all the pretty latex flower details!