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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beyond Burlesque & Roadkill Couture Photo Shoot Teaser!

I did a beautiful couture fashion shoot for designer to the stars Beyond Burlesque in an enchanted snowy wood last month <3 The designer, Belinda, used to design for Vivienne Westwood until she created her own label :) The clothing and location were just magical, as were the ethical fur, feather and bone accessories by Roadkill Couture! It was a wonderful shoot with wonderful people who really knew their craft.

I will be posting the photos properly soon, but for now I'm here to tease, tease, tease with a snap I took of one of the prints!
Photographer: David Angel | Hair and makeup: me!

Btw, does each blog I post come up with a location of where I am? I've been adding a location every time I post for months but if no-one can see it, it's a bit pointless!

Anyway, my location tonight will be the Torture Garden March Ball, where I will be walking in a big latex fashion show for One Eyed Designs at 1 am! Come along and enjoy the shininess and De Bauchery with us! xoxo