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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Alice and the Wicked Queen

If you haven't already seen them on, here are the photos from last month's bridal fashion shoot for celebrity couturier Beyond Burlesque and ethical fur, feather and bone accessory designer Roadkill Couture.

Beyond Burlesque have dressed many of my modern day style icons, like Helena Bonham Carter and Dita Von Teese, and now they have dressed me twice!

There are a few extra pictures here that you won't have seen on my site!

 Second model: Jeli

Oh, and here's a photo I stole from Beyond Burlesque's website of Dita wearing one of their corsetted couture creations :)

You can see a slideshow of Beyond Burlesque's celebrity clients wearing their couture dresses here, including Helena, Gillian Anderson and more of Dita :)

Today is a day for staying home and not even getting dressed, I think, and maybe doing a little naked yoga. I am going to lounge in my new (to me) 1940s satin housecoat ALL DAY and I'm having dinner cooked for me :) I didn't get home from last night's avant-garde fashion show at the Torture Garden March Ball until 3.30 this morning, and while the other girls were drinking wine and partying backstage before the 1 am show, I was napping!

I have so many irons in the fire atm- shoots, shows, rewrites on my book, other upcoming projects and additions to that there just doesn't seem enough hours in the day to get everything done! I've been getting very tired, not least because I like to do or at least heavily oversee everything myself, so I can't really delegate jobs at all. I like everything to be not just perfect, but my kind of perfect, not an "I hired a slick commercial team to perfect this for me for maximum consumer consumption" sort of "perfect"! I think that it's what makes us unique that makes us interesting! :) I know that I prefer to take in the shows, photos and books of people who I think are really doing it in their own style, anyway.

In aid of my own beauty and energy levels, I recently read this book, on Dita's recommendation, funnily enough.

I'm easing into the detox plan slowly by implementing a few of the basic principles at a time, but I'm hoping it will still help to improve my energy levels and the quality of my skin and muscle tone. I'll let you know!! xo