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Saturday, 24 March 2012

'Anita De Bauch: Chameleon'

This is the cover of Sean McCormack's second "me" book, Anita De Bauch: Chameleon, which just got released!

 The cover! I did the styling and the latex is by Naucler Design :)

It is a 72 page full colour hardback book full of photos, photos, photos that we've shot together in Ireland over the years, including lots and lots of latex and nudes! You can order your copy from my Shop, and it will come to you personally signed and sealed with a lipstick kiss print! I hope to be signing and kissing a lot of books! I know that some people may find £55 a little pricey, but it is really the cheapest I could do them- really top quality coffee table books like this are expensive! I hope that you'll think it's worth it to have all the photos in one place, printed and beautifully bound :)

Well, my home is rather more chaotic than usual today! Last night some old friends took me out to see Beardyman and Doc Brown perform at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, was a lot of fun! My friend Claire and I were raving more or less solidly throughout Beardyman (Darren's) set and met both him and Doc Brown (Ben) after the show. They were both very charming- real gentlemen.

Anyway, the reason I'm in a little chaos today is because three friends stayed at my place after the show, and then my Russian interior decorator arrived this morning to re-floor and re-paint half my apartment, so the house is rather busier than usual! I'm so excited to see the finished results- I should end up with a beautiful new hallway and 1950s styled kitchen and powder room!

I just looked out the window and the weather is so good, I think I will grab my gloves and sunglasses and go for a walk in the sunshine. I guess that this will be the first of many days of sun lotion application of the year to maintain my milky white skin! I think that's another job that I need to hire someone for: following me around with a bottle of SPF 100 all summer long!