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Friday, 10 February 2012


I've recently developed a minor obsession with peacocks, starting when I put a vase of peacock feathers on top of my 1930s radio in the living room and was suddenly overcome with the irresistible desire to redecorate the whole room in a blue deco peacock palette topped off with a real taxidermy peacock to perch on the wall!

So, you can imagine how much I enjoyed shooting this Peacock Body Suit for Kaori's Latex Dreams last month! The cut-out design is so cheeky yet so flattering! You can see more photos in the Kaori's Latex Dreams online catalogue if you like :)

Photographer: Julian Kilsby | Hair: Leigh-Anne Regan | MUA: me!

I also finally finally found a vintage 1930s folding peacock fire screen on eBay, which I've been wanting for a while! It was a real bargain because it needed a good clean. A whole bottle of Brasso, several episodes of Sex and the City and a lot of elbow grease later, it was restored to its former glory in its new home :)

This guy in the centre looks like Pazuzu from The Exorcist to me!! It's even better to snuggle up in front of now that the snow's back :)

Yesterday I was shooting for A List celebrity couturier, Beyond Burlesque, and ethical fur/ feather/ bone accessory designer, Roadkill Couture, in a secret garden location in Hampstead in the snow :)

In the evening I helped to host a party at the Olympic Cinema, which is in the process of being refurbished and reopened thanks to the generosity of a group of members and used to be Olympic Studios!

I got a real thrill out of changing into my corset in Pete Tong's old recording studio and swanning around the rooms where some of my favourite records by everyone from the Beatles to The Cure to David Bowie to Depeche Mode to Jimi Hendrix to Madonna to Nick Cave to the Rolling Stones to Queen to Shirley Bassey to the Spice Girls to Stiff Little Fingers to The Verve to The Who were made! Yes, I was in rockstar  heaven!

The magic of the evening was rounded off nicely when I emerged from the building at 10.30 pm to find that it was snowing and the trees were laced with fairy lights <3

Today I had two very fun shoots with two different photographer friends and tomorrow I will be stalking the runway for the Playful Promises free Burlesque and Beating Hearts lingerie event in London with my good friend Roswell Ivory. Feel free to come along and see all the pretty pin-ups from 1 pm! :)