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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kaori's Latex Dreams shoot, vintage coat shopping and childhood photo!

I woke up this morning thinking I was snuggling Liam's stubbly chin only to find I was actually snuggling Dexter's kiwi fruit-like behind. Even with the heating turned up, the apartment is rather chilly at night for our hairless kitties' tastes, so they have taken to camping out with us in "the big basket", the little darlings!

Anyway, hideous mental images aside, I just got back some photos from my shoot in Birmingham for Kaori's Latex Dreams that I like so much! *bounces* There are a couple more in the Kaori's Latex Dreams online catalogue :)

 Apologies if you already saw the second one on Facebook last night!
Photographer: Julian Kilsby | Hair: Leigh-Anne Regan | Makeup: me

It's always a pleasure to work with Julian, and Leigh-Anne just blew me away with her hairstyling. It is amazing what a professional can do with a simple short bob! I really hope I get to work with her on more crazy fashion projects! It was great fun being let loose to do really dramatic makeup, too ^_^

I just took advantage of MAC's free delivery on orders under £30 to have some new bits and pieces delivered including some new eyeshadows to go with the canary yellow latex I want to buy soon!

Chrome Yellow and Orange eye pans <3

Has everyone seen the Miss Piggy for MAC range? I love the idea but don't think the colours will suit me. I love Miss Piggy's coat, though!

Speaking of coats, I've had some great luck with finding vintage lovelies on eBay recently, including this 1960s leopard print fur coat! Can't wait for it to arrive, not least to make my cats jealous, but also to snuggle into in the cold weather ;) It looks like something Marilyn Monroe would have worn!

I've finally finished my pre-renovation clear-out of my apartment and the very last bits and pieces looking for new homes are now on eBay :)

I leave you with an amusing photo of myself, aged 14, for no particular reason other than that I found it during the aforementioned clear-out ;)

Feel free to point and laugh!