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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Zivity preview!

Some nude portraits I shot with my friend Adam :)

I think I like the last one best; it's an outtake where I started laughing and Adam managed to capture my weird two-stage laugh (Stage 1: looking down, getting the giggles; Stage 2, meeting the eye of whoever I'm sharing the joke with and laughing out loud).

You can see 21 more photos from this set here on Zivity. Give me your email address if you can't be arsed to pay and I'll send you a free 30 day trial ;)

Anyone concerned that I might catch cold will be pleased to know that I had a great time hitting the sales in Oxford Street with Hannah Ashlea yesterday- in fact, I bought so many new clothes that I struggled to carry them all home ;) I also had a big clear-out of my apartment to make room for the new stuff, so I'll probably be posting a blog sale soon, too :)

Now I just need to take the stuff that's too heavy to post to the charity shop and then get ready for a week modelling fashion and boudoir for some of the world's most successful photographers at the SWPP Convention, starting Tuesday! w00t! :D