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Monday, 9 January 2012

See you at the SWPP Convention, if you're going!

I probably won't be blogging much over the next few days as I'll be at the SWPP Convention modelling for the likes of the Yerburys, Damian McGillicuddy, Seamus Costelloe and more!

My first day is tomorrow, and I'll be modelling for the Yerburys' Boudoir Academy at this luxury Mayfair hotel. I can't wait! Modelling for the Yerburys' workshops must be one of my favourite "jobs". They are such lovely people to work/ hang out with and the atmosphere at their workshops is always so warm and friendly :) Not to mention that Faye can put my hair in authentic fingerwaves, my favourite hairstyle EVER!

Here is a photo I really like from a previous workshop at another gorgeous hotel, shot by Trevor, styled by Faye, makeup by moi:

You can't see the fingerwaves in this one, 'cuz of the hat :D

Although I work with all these photographers on a regular basis, I think this will be the first time they have seen my new red hair in real life- hope they like it!

I'm all packed and ready for tomorrow but now need to go and unpack the epic quantities of new clothes I bought in the sales over the last couple of days. I think this year must be a record!!

I thought I was shopped out until this morning, when Liam took me for breakfast at Feast...

 <3 poached eggs and tea for breakfast!

... before wandering around the shops in Muswell Hill and getting a little coffee. I found a batch of Red or Dead clothing in the Cancer Research shop, all brand new with tags, and ended up buying this lovely 1920s-inspired clubby fringed black top for £8.50! SCORE.

I've also bought some bloody amazing shoes, lingerie and dresses over the last couple of days, mostly on my Oxford Street shopping trip with Hannah Ashlea.

No doubt I'll be posting show-off photos when I have time. I'm nice like that.