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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Suspend your disbelief!'s About page has been updated with a sexy new lingerie photo by Adam Robertson, featuring a leather thong by Lux Tenebrae and the black suspender belt I bought when I was 14!

It was the first sexy lingerie I ever bought with the £2 per hour I earned from shampooing hair and making coffee at a local salon on Saturdays, and quickly became my most prized possession. No-one ever saw me wearing it at that age of course, but it still made me feel like a sophisticated grown-up lady to wear it with black lace stockings and camisole under my regular teenager clothes :)

A decade later, I finally have to admit that it does rather need replacing, probably with a six-strap suspender belt as four doesn't seem to be man enough for the job of keeping my seams perfectly straight. But I will always keep this one in my memories box so I can look at it when I'm 114 and say, "I remember wearing this when..."