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Friday, 20 January 2012

What I learned at the SWPP Convention: great minds don't think alike

I have a long weekend booked off to celebrate my birthday, as I was working at the SWPP Convention in West London on my actual birth date! Time to relax, potter around the house, and prepare for the party tomorrow :)

I've modelled for hundreds of workshops over the years and often feel inspired by them to try and pick up a camera and put what I've heard into practice; I never do, of course. But as someone who is interested in photography- even if I barely know how to take the lens cap off a camera- it is a real treat to hear about the different approaches taken by some of the world's best photographers by the photographers themselves- straight from the horse's mouth.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing is that there seems to be no set way to "do photography." Although awareness of standard rules of thumb and knowledge of how your camera physically functions are important, beyond that, good photographers all have their own highly successful but individual ways of doing things.

Some try to avoid using flash in order to maintain the atmosphere of the setting. Others recommend always using artificial light in order to maintain close control over it.

Some recommend using the lowest ISO possible in order to create the highest quality image. Others urge photographers not to be afraid of grain.

All seem to agree that it is more important to have a good subject than expensive equipment. I'm not making this up because I happen to be a professional subject, honest! It's true ;)

I have some beautiful images in my inbox from the Convention just waiting to be shared; here is perhaps my favourite fashion image of the week, by the incomparable Trevor Yerbury:

Fabulous feather hat by JRF Rogue Milliner | Hair and wardrobe stylist: Faye Yerbury | Makeup: me

Now I'm off to the shops to buy lots of little pink cupcakes and pink flowers to decorate the house with for tomorrow <3 *girly squee*