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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Jane Doe Latex Editorial in Skin Two magazine, issue 62

So, here is one of my favourite things I saw on my birthday on Sunday- my first editorial in Skin Two magazine, for Jane Doe Latex (if you haven't already seen it on!) :)

I've had an article written about me on the Skin Two site before, and been included in an online fashion editorial, but this is the first time I've been in the physical paper magazine :) Time to flash back to when I had black hair!

Skin Two magazine, issue 62, pp. 31 - 33
Designer: Jane Doe Latex | Photographer: Seamus Costelloe | Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva | Location: Left Bank

There is plenty of other cool stuff in this issue as well, including an interview with Dita :)

Had a fun Catwoman themed shoot in Bristol all day today, so I'm now going to tuck myself into bed with a cup of cammomile tea and get an early night, ready for tomorrow's adventures!