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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Interview with Emulate magazine

My year begins with an interview about my life as a model with Emulate magazine, which you can read for free here (Enlarge --> pp. 73 - 75) ;)

Here's a more editorial style photo from my Lux Tenebrae shoot with Adam Robertson.

<3 British Tan leather!!!

I had the most peaceful and relaxed NYE on record last night; a sea bass dinner at home, followed by lots of champagne and strawberries with Liam and Ross, and the Thames fireworks on TV, as we didn't really fancy getting rained on by seeing it in the flesh! I liked the soundtrack to the fireworks; I wonder if there is somewhere online where I can listen to it.

Shooting tomorrow and Tuesday, then a week off to catch up with my pretty friends Binky and Hannah over shopping and skinny mochas :D I wonder what bargains we will find in the sales!