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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy birthday to me

Aside from a three-page fashion editorial being published in issue 62 of Skin Two (one page more than the article on Dita, lol) and the welcome news that I will be shooting in Malta again this September, this is what I got for my birthday ;)

I had a mini lie-in this morning as my last day at the SWPP Convention didn't start until 11 am (when I was invited to speak at the Yerburys' Masterclass!) and had breakfast in front of the fire while I opened my cards and gifts :)

I was waaay too tired after a solid week's workshop modelling to go out tonight, so I stayed in and had prawn fried rice and cashew seaweed while catching up on my emails. Going to have a huge lie-in tomorrow and then go and see The Iron Lady at The Phoenix, my local and favourite arthouse cinema!