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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yesterday’s News

So, my trip to Japan has been put off by two days :(

Yesterday, I was supposed to fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then change there for my flight to Tokyo, but my flight from Singapore was over an hour late arriving in KL, so I missed my connection, and the next flight to Tokyo isn’t until tomorrow, so I’m stuck in KL until then :(

The airline are putting me up in a hotel and having me fed/ watered/ taxi’d until then, but it’s still a bit annoying as I was looking forward to my Japanese holiday! I suppose they’re doing all they can.

And in my determination to find the silver lining, I have hit upon the fact that having two days to just roll back and forth between queen sized bed and hot bath in a half-decent hotel room is probably just what I need to recover from my cold, which started a couple of days ago. Apparently blowing your nose in public is incredibly rude in Japan and in my current state I wouldn’t be able to avoid doing it quite a lot.

So, thanks to my flight being delayed by two days, hopefully I will be able to make the most of Tokyo when I do finally get there and without needlessly offending anyone!

The other stitch in the silver lining is that I can catch up with my blogging :)

I seemed to blog almost every day last time I was in Singapore, when I was working roughly one day on, one day off, but this year I was working more or less 14 hour days every day, so I didn’t really have the chance to write and post photos anywhere other than Facebook and Twitter.

Now I can have a bit of a catch-up on my news from the last few days while listening to the call to prayer going on outside. I’ve heard it a lot on this trip but never get bored with hearing it again. Such a beautiful sound <3

Monday was my last shoot in Singapore: an awesomely cool fashion/ art video with a fabulous creative team led by Ukay Cheung, one of Singapore’s top fashion photographers, which I was really looking forward to! And it didn’t disappoint :D

I don’t want to give away too much before the video is released, but here is a “behind the scenes” snap that Ukay took!

 Trying not to look ill!

While in Singapore I also did two shoots in a building owned- and abandoned- by the Sultan of Brunei. Legend has it that it is haunted. I didn't see any ghosts, but it was a great post-apocalyptic type location to shoot in!

 The Sultan’s haunted house?

On Sunday I actually had a day off (!) in Singapore, and apart from doing a LOT of sleeping, I found time to do a little dress shopping and visit the Long Bar at the famous Raffles Hotel for a classic Singapore Sling at my “usual” table.

 Chin chin!

Cocktail enthusiasts may be interested to know that Raffles has introduced a range of different Slings:

I also revisited the Raffles landing site:

And I finally, finally got to go to the night safari, which I think I’ve been on about for weeks now! It was worth the wait. My favourites were the elephants and flamingos, but the lionesses having dinner and the flying foxes gliding from tree to tree came a close joint second! And all under a partially eclipsed orange moon <3

 Lionesses eating their meaty noms

 Flying fox planning his next move <3

I also thought these chairs in the café were really cool, haha.

And on the way back from the zoo, I got driven through the famous Orchard Road illuminations while I listened to Neon Blonde on my iPod. It was such a magical evening <3

That’s all for now, I think- I leave you in order to curl up alone in my big bed and make a two-pronged Western + Chinese medicine attack on this goddamn cold! I don’t actually feel ill in myself, but the symptoms are driving me crazy- they must be stopped!!

 Vicks throat sweets + Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, which is like an entire bottle of the honey you get in the middle of Strepsils. A real time-saver!

Nighty night, wherever you are and whatever time zone you’re in ;)