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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New lingerie, corsetry and art nude photos from one of my Singapore workshops :)

Still no time for the Singapore Night Safari, lol! Bookings in Singapore were still pouring in yesterday, so that I'm doing multiple shoots per day to get to shoot with everyone. I'm managing to keep Sunday free so far so that I can stay up a little late on Saturday night and see cute animals at the zoo ^_^

Here is one of the finished photos from the lighting workshop I posted a "behind the scenes" shot from in my last blog :)

Photographer: Lem Cheng Hai | Styling: me

One of the suspender clips at the back snapped during the shoot so I gave it to Lem as he thinks he can fix it with a paperclip or somesuch! Me, I'd rather use the excuse to have a new corset made, now that I "need" one ;D

Here is a photograph from the art nude segment of the workshop. I love symmetry in nudes!

Photographer: Christopher Blake

I've had a bit of a purge of the Art Nude Gallery on; next up, the Fashion Gallery, when I have time and coffee!