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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Corsets, curly red hair, vintage stockings and... chapatis

So, this is a behind the scenes/ candid snap of me adding a little twist of my own glamour style to one of my photographic workshops in Singapore on Friday night :)

Photographer: Lem Chang Hai | Makeup and wardrobe: me | Hair: curled courtesy of tropical humidity

Yes, my hair really does go this curly in humid conditions, if I let it. All I needed to do on Friday was comb and clip it!
I had another workshop yesterday, followed by a latex shoot at the same studio, followed by satay and sugar cane juice with the studio owner at Newton Circus, followed by chatting to Liam on Facebook IM until 2 am, my time!

Therefore, today is a leisurely day off... I had a little wander around the Persian rug stores on Arab Street and then went to my favourite restaurant in Little India for a VIP Thali followed by Singapore coffee. The thali was so enormous I actually had to return to my room afterwards to lie down! :p One of my favourite things about Asia is all the incredible Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Japanese food, the fresh juices, and the wide range of vegetarian options in Little India is just fabulous.

Epic VIP Thali of delicious, diet-destroying doom. I'm not actually a vegetarian but I don't eat all that much meat and like going to vegetarian and vegan restaurants when I can :)

I'm shooting tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, then have another day off. Hopefully I will have time to go on Night Safari at some point on this trip- I desperately wanted to go when I was here last year, but every time I had a night off, there was a monsoon! In the absence of my kittens, I must go and coo over other cute animals, but my schedule is rather more packed this year!

It kind of looks like Jurassic Park, but without Jeff Goldblum in a leather jacket stuttering and pushing his glasses up and being all cute. Oh, and dinosaurs. One can't have it all ;)