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Friday, 16 December 2011

Latex Fashion in Post-Apocalyptic Singapore!

I finally made it to Tokyo, hurrah, and I'm all ready to go and explore the city that I have been dying to visit since I was 15!

I'll leave you with my last few snaps and a modelling photo from the Sultan of Brunei's "haunted house" in Singapore :)

Photographer: Lem Cheng Hai | Bra: Jane Doe Latex, latex thong: Cathouse Clothing | Styling: me

 Pretty insides of an old lump of machinery I found

 Relaxing at Lantern after another shoot in Singapore

 View from my seat/ bed at Lantern

Another view from the rooftop bar!

Now I'm off to explore Tokyo! Looking forward to visiting the Harajuku district on Sunday ^_^