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Monday, 21 November 2011

Redhead or Dead!

Absolutely exhausted after three very full days back-to-back of shooting with various people all over Hong Kong! I am now in my third hotel since I arrived here from Kuala Lumpur! I think a lie-in and a leisurely breakfast are in order tomorrow morning before I stroll into the big city for some sightseeing at a very gentle pace- tonight I am updating my blog in bed and drinking Chinese chocolate soya milk!

I had a funny month right before I left for Asia- out of the blue, three different photographers who I worked with on separate occasions years ago contacted me to finally do a second shoot. It was really lovely to see how we'd all progressed in our time apart and what we could now bring to each of the three shoots. One was George Swift, whose photos I've been blogging a lot of recently as we simply produced so many that I liked, and this photo is from a hair shoot I did last month for Paul Simmons :)

Hair: Ruth @ Paul Simmons Hair | Makeup: Penny Grimley | Wardrobe: me

It's great having lighter coloured hair for hair shoots. Really shows the detail in the styling :)