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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Shiny black latex goodness from Lady Lucie and more!

Safely arrived and settled in my 81st floor executive suite in central Hong Kong :) I have my own lift and everything!! It's so high that my ears pop twice on the way up! Will post photos when I have a moment!

Today was my first of three full days' shooting back-to-back in Hong Kong- then it's tourist time!!!

I'm going to have a loooooong hot bath in my pretty marble bathroom then snuggle up in one of my two king-size beds (I don't know why either) and get some beauty sleep before I get up super early to go swimming before a location shoot in the Chinese countryside tomorrow morning... I leave you with these photos by George Swift (I did the styling!) :)

Corset: Heavenly Corsets | Corset braces: Lickorish Latex | Leggings: Lady Lucie

Managed to switch my blog to HK time too, yay! lol