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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Naucler Design latex photo and my "Anita Cam" snaps from Hong Kong!

You know how I said I'd try not to post too many "holiday snaps" on this year's Asian Tour?

I lied.

You can skip them all and scroll down to the bottom for my latest latex fashion shot if you prefer though ;)

Prepping for a shoot in Hong Kong

Sushi dinner with client

 Visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery

Gold leaf temple in the Nunnery guarded by "lions"

 One of the guard lions

 Entrance to the Buddhist monastery

Part of the monastery, an amazing wooden palace made with no nails whatsoever :)

 Old Chinese architecture with the new in the background

 More shots of the monastery! It was just so beautiful!

 Lion door knocker to protect the monastery from ghosts

 "YEAH I'm in Hong Kong!"

 Chinese bonsai tree (I forget what the Chinese word for it is)

 The path to enlightenment??

 Snacks not available in the UK, L-R: dark chocolate Maltesers (genius), all-blackcurrant Fruit Pastilles (ultimate genius!), what I thought would be dried blueberries covered in Galaxy chocolate but turned out to be blueberry flavour dark chocolate pellets, and a drink apparently called Happy Moments Online Chat, which turned out to be chocolate soya milk

Today was my first day off in Hong Kong, so last night was my first drink! A Chinese beer called Tsing Tao with dinner

The comically bad hotel room I tweeted about. Room the size of a wardrobe, ensuite the size of a shoebox, lamp over bed not working (just flickering on and off, horror movie style), bed so short my feet stuck out, piece of polished steel over the bathroom sink in place of a mirror, shower over the toilet (yes, really), all windows including shower room door covered in Mickey Mouse, wallpaper stuck on with sellotape xD I lol'd myself to sleep

 Comically bad hotel room "wardrobe"

Comically bad hotel room comically bad bathroom decor. A pig taking a bath under the Mickey Mouse window, seriously? The bathroom didn't even contain a bath, so I ended up becoming jealous of the fictional pig. Bad times

Relaxing in a much nicer executive 5* hotel room on the second night, which had a swimming pool, a big marble bathroom and a proper bath. I deserved it after the pig-Mickey-cupboard room!

View from the much nicer hotel room: this is what Hong Kong looks like at night from the 81st floor!

And what it looks like during the day :)

I feel like I should probably post a modelling photo after all this nonsense, so here is one from my recent shoot with George Swift! Hope you like it!

Latex: Naucler Design | Stylist: me