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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lux Tenebrae Leather

Remember how I said I was looking forward to a well-dressed Halloween? Well, here are the first photos from my shoot with luxury leather couturier Lux Tenebrae and one of my favourite photographers and friends, Adam Robertson. This butter-soft bespoke skirt not only fitted like a glove, it was actually made from glove leather, apparently because that was a better choice when making a skirt in my size. All I can say is that it feels absolutely delicious to wear and I am a lucky girl to be given such a beautiful piece of couture to take home with me. I never thought I'd say it, but it's actually going to replace my beloved French Connection black leather pencil skirt, which will now probably end up on eBay!

Photographer: Adam Robertson | Wardrobe stylist: Lux Tenebrae | Hair and makeup: me!

We also shot some gorgeous leather harnesses, which were just so photogenic, especially the British Tan coloured ones as they nearly matched my hair colour ^^ It was also my first go at wearing pony boots (the Lady Gaga-esque ones with no heels)! REALLY looking forward to seeing those shots as we not only did some neat, clear catalogue ones like the two shots I just posted, but also some cooler, moodier editorial work which looked fab on the back of the camera ^^

Just got back from two days shooting oop north so will hopefully have some new photos from there as well, shortly, including lots of nice latexy fashion nudes with meh new red hair! Right now I need to get some sleep though as I've been working so hard for the last however long that I feel like the little hamster that runs on the wheel in my brain to keep the cogs turning has wandered off somewhere!