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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Latex and killer heels in Newcastle!

Can't believe I'm shooting in Asia for six weeks starting Saturday- it seems to have crept up SO fast! I still need to exchange some money so I can swerve card transaction charges, drop off my dry cleaning, clean my makeup brushes and um, pack >.<

I have some "preview" pictures from my shoot in Newcastle with George Swift the other day :) We worked together once about three years ago and I was very happy with the results at the time, so it was a nice surprise to be invited to shoot with him again all this time later :) We were going to start off shooting location art nudes and then move into the studio for some latexy fashion nude type stuff, but as it was minus two George kindly skipped the outdoor nudes bit and we were in a nice warm studio happily shooting away and drinking tea until we finally conked out at about 9 pm! Here are just some of the results :)

High waisted leggings and braces by Lady Lucie

Body suit by Naucler Design | Styling: me!

Like how raw and plain this feels- "this is me, sitting on a stool" :)

Q: Can I stand on one leg in 8" heels and lick my own knee?
A: Yes. It's good to know these things

And a slightly silly shot of me testing my strangely bendy spine to finish. The pole was actually a plastic drainpipe so I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever- just had to pretend like I was hanging off it ;)

There will be plenty more to come from this shoot I think :D

Binky stayed over last night and the three of us (her, Liam, me) went to Toff's for fish and chips at lunchtime so I could get some good British food in me before I head off to the Far East! Not only is it the best fish and chips EVER but the restaurant is also decorated with loads of signed Iron Maiden memorabilia and photos of the band hanging out in the restaurant, which is random and fun.

Now I'm off to relax in a hot tub and give myself a pedicure before having an all-out beauty day tomorrow in preparation for my travels! Pilates, hair dyeing, facial (must see if I can convince my beauty therapist to throw in a little shoulder massage again), various waxings and a manicure. I'm going to feel like a new woman!