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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween costume choices

Halloween comes but once a year, making the decision of what to wear a little pressurised as if you screw up you have to wait a whole year to put that amazing idea you thought of too late into practice. I haven't celebrated Halloween for the last two years because both times I found myself in countries that don't really celebrate it at all- Malta in 2009 and Singapore in 2010- so this year I am making up for it!

 Me in 2008, my first Halloween in London, dressed as a zombie prom queen in a vintage 1950s party dress with leather opera gloves

I'll be missing the build-up to Christmas this year as I won't be home from Kuala Lumpur until 22nd December, so Liam and I are spending a whole week celebrating Halloween instead of just one weekend, starting today with decorating the house!

 My mantlepiece :) You can just about see my three flying bats reflected in the closest mirror!

Dexter taking a break from chasing rubber bats and rats

Dying roses, my new favourite Halloween decoration (very cheap, too!) <3

One of the chandeliers in our hall- Liam's fitted them with red bulbs!

I also baked "spider" bran cupcakes for us to have for breakfast :)

And best of all, I'll be shooting bespoke leather couture by Lux Tenebrae with Adam Robertson on 31st October. Naturally, I'm delighted- surely this will be the best-dressed Halloween EVER! :)