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Monday, 3 October 2011

Playful Promises

Well, my resolution to try and blog every other day has failed a bit! I've barely had time to sleep and shower over the last week, let alone do anything else. As well as lots of exciting photo shoots, I also did two runway shows in London this week.

The first saw me at a rather exclusive little venue in Soho called The Box, where I walked for lingerie brand Playful Promises at their new boutique launch/ Spring/ Summer 2012 show. I think I am going to have to buy some of their stuff! <3 I was pleasantly surprised by how many people were that I knew, or at least knew of: Ceri Cushen styled my hair, Mamzelle Maz, Roxy Velvet and Polly Rae did burlesque performances after the catwalk and I worked the runway alongside Jessica from Britain's & Ireland's Next Top Model. I found a "behind the scenes" snapshot of us rehearsing the show in our civvies on her Facebook profile!

I'm the one on the far left, in case you couldn't tell by the skin tone :p

After the catwalk, we lingerie models came into the audience and watched the burlesque shows, were photographed and filmed for Fashion TV and positively showered in champagne! It felt terribly decadent to be lounging around in such an opulent-looking venue in designer undies surrounded by all these glamorous people! There is a review of the event on, from which I will hotlink this photo of me strutting my stuff ;)

Two nights later saw me in a different venue doing a rather different style of fashion show, but I'll blog about that next time ;)