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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Playful Promises Lingerie Party plus SHOPPING! Hee hee

I have a slightly clearer shot of me on the runway at the Playful Promises press event, courtesy of Anna at Playful Promises :)

She also posted this snapshot of her and me with Jessica Abidde, one of the recent contestants on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, who accompanied me on the catwalk.

Playful Promises is treating all its models from the show to £100's worth of pieces from their shop. Thank you to everyone who replied to me on Twitter to help me with what to choose! This is what I picked out! Hopefully they'll have my size in everything in stock :)

Victoria garter dress

Blush & black stockings (I was sorely tempted to spend the whole £100 on several pairs of these!)

Black seamed stockings

Lovebird Ring. This little guy is sooo cute! I think I'll call him Liam the Lovebird <3

Martini Cocktail Ring. Pretty sure I have precisely zero outfits that will go with this beautiful colour, so that gives me a good excuse to do some more shopping when I have time ;D

I slept for 12 hours last night and still feel kinda drowsy! It must be the hectic schedule I'm keeping at the moment. I had a great shoot in London yesterday and just got booked last minute for another full day's shooting latex tomorrow, before shooting at Greg Brown's London studio on Saturday. It will not only be nice to see him again and catch up, but also to retrieve my iPod, which I left there who knows how long ago! It will be so good to be able to listen to music while I'm out and about again!