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Saturday, 22 October 2011

HOW TO do glamorous DIY Halloween makeup :)

I love to celebrate Halloween as much as the next girl but this year I want to look vaguely good while I'm doing it! I have a detailed makeup plan of action and I'd like to share it with you :) The overall look I'm going for isn't so much SFX makeup as "glamorous ghoul"- a very versatile Halloween look that doesn't require any specialist materials and should go with almost any costume, or a simple long, black evening gown and gloves :)

Step 1: a pale foundation
Applying powder a couple of shades lighter than what you usually go for will give you a subtly consumptive, bloodless look, without getting too much of an obvious line where your foundation ends and your neck begins! If you can't be bothered to buy new face powder just for Halloween, try applying a pale, shimmering eyeshadow all over your face on top of your usual foundation/ concealer/ powder combo. It's great to have an eyeshadow like this in your collection anyway, for highlighting brow bones, cheekbones and collarbones. Pin your hair back before you start and remember to powder your neck as well as your face. Don't be tempted to use talcum powder as a cheap alternative to white face powder- whatever doesn't shed all over your costume will block your pores! :0

Step 2: eyes
A quick, easy way to get dark, hollow eye sockets is by brushing your blusher brush in a black eyeshadow- I use MAC Black Tied, which has a subtle velvet shimmer- and simply brushing the whole eyelid in a circular motion, socket and under-eye with it. You can build up the depth of colour gradually to make the effect as dramatic as you like, just make sure it's even! Brush off any stray specks and then give yourself some cat's eye liner with black liquid liner. I use Rimmel as I prefer the applicator that's like a little brush, rather than a felt-tip pen. Be adventurous! This is not the time of year for subtle eye makeup, in fact, it's an excuse to go BIG! While your eyeliner is drying, fill in your eyebrows, extending them out further than they really go on the outsides for added glamour. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara to the top lashes and one to the bottom. My favourite mascara atm is L'Oreal 4D False Lash Effect.

Step 3: cheekbones
Use the same blusher brush that you used for your eye makeup to apply that black eyeshadow into the hollows of your cheeks. Suck your cheeks in to see where the hollows should be. Make sure both sides are even, then spray your whole face with makeup fixing spray to stop everything heading south as the evening goes on!

Me on Halloween 2008!

Step 4: lips
As you can see, I skipped out on lipstick altogether the last time I celebrated Halloween, but this year I want to use deep purplish-red berry shades for a sexy vampire pout. I will probably use MAC Dark Side, adding a lip line with a lightly smudged black eye pencil on the corners of my mouth for a really bold, 3D effect, followed by Lip Lock, so I can still have a dinner party and drink cocktails without losing it all!

Step 5: optional extras
Finishing touches could be a long, dramatic pair of false eyelashes; a beauty spot applied with a black eye pencil; a wig in your choice of colour and length (Annabelle's Wigs are great!); hair decorations; some costume jewellery; and anything else your imagination suggests!

Have fun! :D