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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Photoblog: Halloween party silliness

As you know, I spent Monday (Halloween itself) modelling for Lux Tenebrae with Adam Robertson in Wiltshire, so actually celebrated Halloween on the Saturday (29th). I ended up having a last-minute shoot in London, from which I already have some photos! You'll have already seen the first one on my Facebook page; here's another :)

 Photographer: CJ Chmiel | Hair and makeup: me

I just topped up my shoot makeup on the way home (not very well) to look more Halloween-ish. I did better with Liam's, Bink's and our friend Iain's makeup as I could start from scratch :)

Iain and Binky

Hannah and Ras arrived as Shaun of the Dead zombies, complete with bloodstained cricket bat. This was excellent, although presented accidental clawing-through-holes-in-jeans problems when Lilith and Dexter sat on their laps.

 Ras and Hannah

Dexter vs candles

Liam made a Halloween themed playlist- which I LOVED and hope he didn't delete!- I served a cauldron of pumpkin soup for dinner (the cooking of which somehow managed to include setting fire to Dexter's tail, although he didn't seem to notice), Iain mixed absinthe cocktails and we let Plan 9 From Outer Space go round and round on silent in the background about 900 times.

L-R: Liam, Dan and Ras

 Bink vs absinthe

I think Adam and Dan came as the ultimate middle class horror, hoodie trick or treaters, although I could be wrong.

Around 6 am we decided it was time to do an impromptu Team Binkertson photo shoot. It made sense at the time

 Me. I was supposed to be a zombie ballerina, in case you can't tell. It's not that obvious.
(Dress from Buffies)

L-R: me, Liam, Adam

Adam and Bink

Adam and me

 Ras and Hannah, the urban zombies!

6 am family portait (L-R: Liam, Lilith, Dexter, me). Yes, the cats are in their pyjamas, the most sensible creatures in the house at that point.

Today I will mostly be catching up with my emails, eating healthy food to compensate for the weekend's sweetie overload, and getting an early night ;)