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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Backstage at Playful Promises Lingerie Party/ Press Event

Such a relaxing day, despite Liam and his friends getting in from seeing 1349 at 2 am! Hee hee. I got up at 9 am, had a leisurely shower and breakfast, noted down all my January bookings in my new 2012 diary, had a light soya latte, dyed my roots (also eyebrows and lady garden to match), shared a pizza with Liam and then drifted down to my local nail salon for a mani/ pedi. It's only the third professional pedicure I've ever had and way better than the other two because this time I sat in a chair that massaged my back while the lady pampered my toes, and she gave me a foot and lower leg massage to finish up, which was so relaxing when combined with the back and shoulder massage that I kept dropping asleep! :)

Came home and had a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia frozen low-fat yoghurt for dinner, which I'm still full from >.<

 So I guess today probably hasn't been a brilliant diet day, although if I get hungry within the next hour I'll have an Innocent veg pot, which will at least bring me up to my five fruit and veggies a day! I've been feeling much happier and more chilled out recently, which is brilliant overall but has sort of made me less obsessed with exercising every day and eating "right". Oh well. It's amazing how spending a day on myself- hair, hands, feet, massage and a green tea facepack, after I've written this- can make me feel like a new woman! I'm going to be super-charged for my shoot tomorrow!

Anyway, three paragraphs of blather later, here are the photos that I just found that made me want to blog, courtesy of Jessica Abidde's Facebook profile! :) If you're a Facebook friend you'll have seen me mention from my mobile that we were all on the roof because the changing room was too hot... well, here we are!

And this is Signe Springe, me and Jessica backstage after we rocked that catwalk!


Semi-serious backstage poses... I really just like this photo for the unintentional row of butts on the left xD

And a non-serious one. I've noticed that in any situation where you shove a group of models together with not much to do, we end up photographing each other. You'd think we'd take the time off... but no. I guess it's in the blood!

Just looked in the mirror and my hair looks really red now it's finished drying after today's colouring session, proper carrot-top :D