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Monday, 29 August 2011

She dreams in blue...

Feel free to skip the waffle and scroll straight down to the rest of the modelling photos ;)

It was Hannah Ashlea's and my first Notting Hill Carnival yesterday! We got well into the carnival spirit :) I liked the way it felt more like a festival than just a parade.

Hannah photographing the parade

There were no less than three dancing Elvises (sp?) on this stage, none of whom were a day under 70!

I also got spotted by Belgian Elle's 'Streetstyle' scout, which was funny and flattering. I'll post if the photo they took of me looking gormless and confused pops up anywhere.

After a very naughty lunch at McDonalds (!!!), we sloped off to the National Portrait Gallery for the second time this month, this time for a free screening of Gilda. WE LOVE RITA HAYWORTH! Her sparkling satin boudoir was just spectacular- I WANT it! Everything she wore in this film sparkled or was made from satin, dripping with timeless luxury symbols like diamonds and furs.

Then we went back to Hannah's for dinner with her boyfriend, Ras :) I love the luxury of having someone else cook! ;)

Anyway, in more professional news, I have more photos back from my shoot with Stefano Brunesci ;) You may have already spotted a preview on my Facebook fanpage. You can see the rest by signing up to Zivity.

I did all the makeup and styling :) Even more photos to follow soon! I have so many it just seemed ridiculous to post any more right now! I love the icy blue skin tones though :)