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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stefano Brunesci's Peachy Whites (Zivity)

I recently shot with Stefano Brunesci in lovely Wiltshire to get some agency shots of my new hair. I think this is the least makeup I have ever worn for a shoot- just a little powder blush, eyebrow fill and Vaseline on my lips! I've been photographed nude more times than I can count, but I don't think I've ever been photographed this naked! As for my hair, I just slicked it back off my face with a little water and gel.

Not all of them were exactly suitable for commercial agency profiles, so we also submitted this and another photo set to Zivity. The rest of this set should appear in the Featured Photo Sets section sometime today, so I guess they liked it! If you're thinking of joining Zivity and would like a free 30 day trial membership, do let me know as they have kindly given me 30 to give away :)

To my own surprise, I didn't completely choke at my Kinley audition yesterday (although I have a feeling in my gut that I still didn't get the part...), which Spirit Model Management put me up for, so I've now officially joined their books, too :)

Today's location fashion shoot went really well so I feel like I've earned relaxing and watching new Who for the next hour. Kinda cool that it's on a WW2/ Nazi theme as I've recently got addicted to watching Nazis: A Warning from History- it's so fascinating to watch a documentary that concentrates purely on the psychosocial dynamics within a fascist dictatorship! Anyway, now it's Who time! *toddles off to open sherry and make a cheeseboard*