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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pas De Deux

I had a huge purge of my galleries on Sunday evening. It was such a heart-breaking experience to remove 90% of nearly five years of hard work, but I forced myself to be harsh and remove all the looks that either don't have me with red hair, or don't have me with black hair that I can replicate with wigs. New look, new era, new Anita! (And I still have all the old photos on my hard drive for memories of my time as a black-haired model... and in case I suddenly panic and want to re-upload them all again!)

However, clearing out all those old photos made room for a new gallery: Pas De Deux, a showcase of my work with my model friends! After some really wonderful experiences modelling with Madame Bink I've realised that shooting fashion and art nude with other models is something I really want to do more of so I've created a special gallery for it! There's also a picture of Ulorin Vex and me and Liam and me modelling together in there <3

Cliiiick the picture to see Pas De Deux!