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Friday, 12 August 2011

London August Street Fashion

Phew, early start this morning for a fashion shoot on Millennium Bridge- 4.30 am! It was well worth it for the awesome light, though!

The streets of London have well and truly erupted since I started advertising my London August Street Fashion & Portraiture offer and I've been truly touched by the number of Londoners turning out in force to repair not only their communities, but travelling across London to help their fellows in other areas of London, too, with handouts, tools to repair homes and businesses, and lots and lots of brooms.

Clapham, London

It's not just London, either; this is happening across several English cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Liverpool!

I was lucky enough to be booked for plenty of London Street Fashion & Portraiture before the riots broke out, and thought I'd post some photos from one of the shoots that I did with Derek Waldron in Camden, which is about 15 minutes away from me :) I like the way sunlight makes my hair look really fiery! All styling by myself :)

Experimenting with not wearing false eyelashes as the lighter hair colour seems to ask for lighter makeup application, sometimes. Undecided.

 New dress! :)

 My Lady Lucie Latex dress and Kurt Geiger shoes :)

If you're shooting in London, you have to get a red bus in there somewhere!

Working with Derek was really nice. He's interesting to chat to and we had a yummy picnic by Camden Lock for lunch! We had enough time as he wisely booked two lots of 2 hours back-to-back. After our shoot, he posted:

"Had a wonderful 'location' shoot with Anita today, around the streets of Camden, taking advantage of one of her special offers for a street fashion shoot. Not knowing the area at all, I was reliant on Anita's knowledge to find suitable areas to shoot and she provided loads. As well as that, whilst walking around, if a spot caught my eye, she was more than happy to drop everything and try a few poses.

"A really pleasant few hours, some imaginative locations, some great poses, all made for a great shoot, which I would have no hesitation in repeating."

It's so nice when the weather's consistently good enough to be able to book outdoor shoots without worrying too much, although there is so much cover in central London that I guess even if it did start to rain, we'd still find somewhere relatively dry to shoot :)