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Monday, 18 July 2011

Kilcooley Abbey, Ireland

Exciting news (for me, anyway!)!
  1. My new website, is up and running and stuffed with literally hundreds of photos as well as other fun stuff ^^ Thank you so much to my wonderful web designer Jez for spending so much time on it and to his fab video artist partner Sam for making the intro video with me :D I'll eventually be adding a newsletter and members' area too, when I figure out how :D
  2. I have been signed to a commercial model agency, which feels strange but good :) I had to decline the very first casting they sent me for a really cool themed fashion show because I already had a photo shoot booked for the same day, but hopefully they will find me some other castings for jobs I wouldn't usually hear about or have access to, as a freelancer :) I'm looking forward to it!
Now to start blogging all the gorgeous photos from last month's four-day modelling assignment at Kilcooley Abbey in Ireland with one of my very favourite photographers, Seamus Costelloe ^^ First up, some indoor and outdoor art nudes :)

All hair and makeup styling by yours truly :) I couldn't decide which of the last two I preferred, so I posted them both!

I'll be posting more from Kilcooley Abbey over the next few days, including latex, lingerie and glamour shots, so if you haven't already, please subscribe to my blog using the widgets under my Twitter feed in the top right corner of this window to be kept in the loop :)

On an entirely unrelated note, I made a cooked breakfast with less than 200 calories this morning after I got too into some Châteauneuf-du-Pape while catching up on True Blood last night, after our new flatmate Ross cooked us an awesome spicy chicken and couscous for dinner :) We love him!!

**Anita's 200 Calorie Hangover Cure**
1 slice Nimble Wholemeal, toasted (48 cals)
1 medium free-range egg, poached (65 cals)
1 Quorn sausage, grilled (70 cals)
2 big mugs of tea with fresh Alpro Soya Light (15 cals)
Aspirin: optional ;)
Total: 198 calories! Like a boss!