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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lingerie at Kilcooley Abbey (inc. a SWPP Award-Winner!)

This blog takes us back to Ireland in June for a four-day shoot with Seamus Costelloe :) The first earned Seamus a Fashion Gold award from The Societies, and I've included the colour version for those that are interested in that sort of thing :)

I'm surprisingly tired after three days of DIY with my mother, who was visiting London from Somerset, although it might just be because I made myself walk to and from her hotel a lot for the exercise :p

My pretty new bathroom is very nearly complete- just a phone call to have new floor tiles laid, and a small mission to find the perfect golden light pull (details are everything!).

I also painted a wall shelf and a big picture frame in the prettiest shade of baby pink, put a Marilyn Monroe poster in the frame, and hung it above the matching pink shelf, in the kitchen, which currently contains all my Kilner jars of pasta, flour, dried fruit and so on, and our liqour bottles along with my 1930s glass cocktail mixer. Once the wall behind picture and shelf has been painted lemon yellow I'll probably post a photo, as it really looks very sweet :) The kittens have been running amok during the whole process and Dexter spent most of yesterday with a baby pink paint smudge on his little ginger nose <3

I blame watching Calamity Jane so much as a child- I always wanted a kitchen like the inside of the cabin that Calamity's friend Katie makes over! Not to mention that stunning blue velvet hat.

And the lesbian undertones are fun, whether you think that they are supposed to be there or not!

Tomorrow: fashion shoot with a photographer who just shot with me for the first time last week :) Dinner with Hannah Ashlea and her partner, Ras, then off to Somerset on Saturday for a highly exclusive and obscure little festival ;) ;) ;)