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Monday, 18 April 2011

HOW TO transfer a modern lipstick into a vintage case :)

I successfully managed to transfer my favourite lipstick from the case it came in to a pretty vintage case the other day and thought I'd post a little tutorial as I had a couple of requests via my Formspring to demonstrate it. It adds such a pretty touch when applying your makeup in public! Professional quality makeup always seems to come in such dull packaging. Plus, all my lipsticks are MAC, making it hard to find the one I want when I'm in a hurry, because they all look the same. Not any more :)

You will need:
  • a new lipstick
  • a vintage lipstick case (I won mine on eBay!)
  • a teaspoon handle, or similar; the flatter and thinner, the better
  • an eggcup/ shot glass
  • kitchen towel
  • antibacterial soap, warm water and a nailbrush
  • a freezer or icebox
  • a wipe-clean surface!
I thought a steak knife might also come in useful, but it, um, didn't

Step 1: remove and dispose of whatever's left of the original lipstick from the vintage case and wash it really, really, really well in warm water with antibacterial soap and gently scrub every millimetre in circular motions with the nailbrush. Peel the tag off the bottom, if there is one. Rinse in cool water and dry very thoroughly with kitchen towel.

More or less actual size

Step 2: carefully remove your new lipstick from its case with the teaspoon handle and place it gently in the eggcup (I was using one of my older lipsticks for the purposes of experimentation, hence it's so short).

Step 3: put the egg cup in the freezer overnight.

Step 4: gently but firmly insert the frozen lipstick into the vintage case, making sure it's straight by slowly extending and retracting it. Leave it standing upright while it thaws out.

Step 5: make any final adjustments to ensure that the lipstick is properly attached to the vintage case, wipe off any stray lipstick smears with kitchen towel, et voila!

Step 6 (optional extra): carefully peel the tag off the original case and attach it to the bottom of the vintage case to remind you which colour is in there.

Now I'm going to slip into a hot vanilla bubble bath with a big pink polka dot mug of cammomile tea to wind down after another magical Boudoir Academy workshop with the Yerburys- a day spent shooting beautiful, glamorous lingerie photos in a luxurious setting is guaranteed to put me in the most satisfied of moods! :D Tomorrow will be spent packing and being pampered in my local spa, ready for my week-long modelling assignment in Portugal from 20th April. I'm really looking forward to it!