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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Introducing my personal hairstylist!

I love helping out with creating a theme for a photo shoot: researching the practicalities of forming a photographic fantasy; piecing together the building blocks that create the fairytale castle, as it were. Contributing creatively by sourcing the perfect wardrobe and researching suitable makeup 'looks' and techniques that I can carry out with my trusty (and ever-growing) MAC makeup collection really gives me a buzz. But I must admit, anything beyond a simple level of hair styling is currently beyond me.

I had multi-coloured dreadlocks and a grade zero undercut until the age of 20 and just never got the hang of doing really professional-looking styling on real, natural, loose hair- hence my love of wigs and easy styles like slicking my hair back or backcombing it up into a faux-hawk.

Luckily for me, my multi-talented friend, model and qualified Scarlet & Hollywood hairstylist Gemini Rayne is moving to London this month and has already accompanied me to a photo shoot at Gregory Brown's Studio to style my hair! She made it long- and I mean long- and romantic for artistic nude shots, curled and classic for vintage pin-ups, wild for latex lingerie and avant-garde for alternative fashion- and what an incredible range of gorgeous hair accessories this lady has!

Here are my favourite shots from our shoot with photographer, Keith Cooper:

 Latex bra by Jane Doe

The second image was apparently awarded a Bronze by the SWPP :)

Gem's standard hairstyling rates are £40 per hour, but as it's me (hee hee) she is willing to assist me in offering an exclusive 50% discount to photographers/ clients booking us together, if she can use the photographer's choice of edits in her portfolio.

Please email with enquiries about booking us together. I'll post some photos of us modelling together, where she did our hair and I did our makeup, as soon as the photographer has finished processing them :)

Now, I need to jump on a plane to Faro, Portugal! :) In the meantime, if you are:

a)  a professional (photographer/ designer/ stylist/ other),
b)  aspire to be a professional, or
c)  aspire to a professional standard of photography

and, of course, are faintly interested in considering the possibility of thinking about booking me for a modelling assignment, I have started a NEW Facebook page just for you!

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