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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boudoir Academy feat. Nikita Sablier/ Angels Carrying Savage Weapons

I just got some lovely new Boudoir Academy photos back from the Yerburys- I always like the photos they take of me, but I especially like the variety of styles in this set :) I think this is the last time the shock of blonde hair was shot, too- I wore wigs for my Portugal shoots and Gemini Rayne came round yesterday to help me dye my hair back to all-over jet blue-black before we went to see Oi Polloi and The Restarts in Tufnell Park. I was really glad to hear that it had sold out- it's so nice to see smaller events like that receive lots of support. And Gem and I had a wonderful time anti-gravity hair-spotting!

Anyway, here are some distinctly non-punky images from the Yerburys- as usual, they managed to make me look far more elegant and sophisticated than a person could ever be in real life! :)

All photos by Faye Yerbury, except #2, which is by Trevor Yerbury
Wardrobe courtesy of Nikita Sablier | Makeup & jewellery: my own

Today I am mostly getting my house all spruced up and baking special diabetic-friendly cupcakes after an anti-Royal Wedding house party last night, ready for a boudoir shoot on the leather couches in my living room tomorrow :)