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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Quality or quantity?

I heart following the various Twitter feeds that only tweet quotes! Among others, I follow @AncientProverbs, who recently tweeted:

"Better a little which is well done, than a great deal imperfectly." - Plato

Despite being rather disappointed with The Republic I still respect Plato for basically starting philosophy (I know Socrates technically did but we wouldn't know about it if Plato hadn't written down what he said!) and I couldn't agree more with the above quote, especially when applied to photography!

I much prefer to work with people who are more concerned with the quality of each individual image than in trying to fill as many memory cards as possible within the set number of hours. I guess a lot of that mad snapping without actually checking what you're getting stems from insecurity ("the more photos I take, the more likely I'll accidentally end up taking a good one, right? Right??") but if I ever join the ranks of the "modographers" (model-turned-photographers) I will definitely take the approach of my favourite photographers and set up the shot carefully, taking care to control every last photon, direct, click, check, adjust and click again... basically I'd shoot like I was using a single gauge shotgun rather than an uzi as in my experience this approach yields the highest number of direct hits ;)

In this spirit, I will post just one photo today from a camera club I modelled for in London the evening I zoomed off to Scotland (I literally finished at the camera club and caught the tube from there straight to Euston to get the overnight train to Edinburgh!), by Steve Williams. I like the candid movie star sort of feel it has :)

Hair and makeup: me

I also think I got one of the most flattering references *ever* from the club organiser, Carl Batson!

"A killer face and body. Anita sat for our Studio Group on the 16th [February 2011]. Anita is punctual, professional and prepared, she models absolutely effortlessly and the camera loves her. You could shoot her all day and never get tired. Like Dietrich and Garbo wrapped in latex. Treat yourselves and book her."

Italics my own to highlight the part that made me very smiley indeed :) :) :)