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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Adventures of Latex Stargirl & her new hairdo!

Woo, I now have a photo of my new Jane Doe star bikini from my shoot in Scotland with Barrie Spence! Apologies if you've already seen it on my Facebook fanpage!

Hair and makeup courtesy of moi

Had a fun hair job yesterday with Stacey Broughton, one of the best hairdressers in the world, at Wella World Studio, and not just because it's always fun to get paid to have your done ;) I still have the cute jet black boycut but with a really geometric asymmetric fringe (as opposed to the smooth curving asymmetric fringe I got at my last Mahogany Hair job). I like it because I can either leave it as a sharp, crazy step for more edgy fashion and beauty shoots or give myself a ruffled little side parting for art nude, commercial and other work that requires a softer, more "natural" sort of a look. It's very versatile. Go Stacey!

<-- Ruffled vs. geometric fringe! -->

 Click on the individual pics to see larger versions!

And here's a full-length one, for no other reason than that I only posted one other shot of the right side of my new 'do and also because I want to show off my new Kurt Geiger shoes ;)

Randomly, I was offered a potential modelling job in Kiev while I was at Wella (which would be cool if it goes ahead as I've never been to the Ukraine) and also got spotted by a Brazilian fashion blogger on the way home, so an iPhone snapshot of me looking confused on the tube will probably be popping up on some Brazilian blog at some point, lol.

That's my news! Now I'm off to have a facial to help repair weeks-on-end-of-heavy-makeup damage!