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Monday, 21 February 2011

Figure Studies from Livingston

I had a wonderful shoot in Scotland recently with Barrie "Entropic Tendencies" Spence. Those who follow my Twitter will know I had my first experience of the sleeper train as I had to leave Euston at midnight in order to be at Livingston at 8 am for a 9 am -  5 pm shoot. The train I needed to use had no berths or First Class section, which kind of sucked as I had to sleep in 30 minute bursts sitting up in a cold carriage with a group of lads who sat up drinking Stella until at least 2 am (the last time I checked the time) >.< I felt surprisingly awake after washing my face and brushing my teeth in the onboard toilet (!) just before pulling into Livingston, though. I didn't really crash until we stopped shooting. Then my body suddenly realised how tired it was and I fell asleep in the car both to and from the networking party in Glasgow that evening!

Anyway, we started out shooting some single light source nudes in Barrie's home studio. It was a lovely way to start the day, sort of like doing photographic yoga :)

Speaking of art nude, I've now been officially confirmed to model for Bryon Paul McCartney's Tuscany Fine Art Photography Workshop in July, alongside my friend Ulorin Vex (Chris) and another model called Ruby Slate Balthazar, who I look forward to meeting :) I like that we all have contrasting hair colours- Chris: neon orange, Ruby: white-blonde and me: jet black. It would be cool to get some colour shots of the three of us together with the contrasting hairz, methinks :)