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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fashiony Nudes by Martyn Davis

If you've been following my blog, you'll remember these:

Well, here's the rest of these two sets from my shoot with Martyn Davis at Adrian Pini Studios! All styling by yours truly :) We also shot some stuff for a certain major latex designer... I may wait until those photos are published before I post them though, depending on my willpower, ha ha :p 

For now, have some arty/ fashiony nudes!

It's my first day off in a while today, after yet another FANTASTIC boudoir shoot sponsored by Buffies Boutique yesterday!

I had a wonderful yoga session this morning, made poached tikka salmon for lunch, played with the new Freeview box, cooked homemade chicken breast soup for dinner and then Liam's taking me to see The King's Speech at The Phoenix tonight :) This will then be followed by an early night complete with boyfriend, PJs and big mugs of skinny hot chocolate. Absolute bliss! I'll be glowing at my hair modelling job tomorrow ^^