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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Singapore Botanic Gardens and more noms

On Wednesday 24th November my plans to go to Sinapore Zoo were once again foiled by another monsoon, so after the rain had got light enough to walk around in with an umberella (it was still too hot to wear anything but a tee-shirt!) I walked all the way from Little India, along the full length of the main shopping district in Singapore, Orchard Street, and to Singapore Botanic Gardens. It was actually really lovely wandering about there in the rain with my little brolly. After a hectic couple of weeks, everything seemed so peaceful :)

 Swan Lake

 Friendly turtle swimming around in Swan Lake

 Chopin in the rain

 Another one of those funny little birds that are everywhere here

 I <3 black swans, they're so romantic. When Liam and I have our dream retirement home in the country 40+ years from now, it will have a little lake with black swans :)

Since then I've just been shooting, shooting, shooting, at least one photo shoot every day, sometimes more. I'm absolutely shattered, but so happy about the reception I've had here in Asia! Getting ready to meet a client in 1.5 hours but thought I'd write a little blog while I'm waiting :)

Oh wait, another touristy thing I've done is have the best biryani in Singapore, apparently. I don't think I've ever had biryani before so I don't know how technically good it was, but I liked it :) I love how un-greasy Indian food is here. And they served it up in portions big enough to feed at least two adults! I didn't even come close to finishing all the rice >.<

I have my last shoot of the tour tomorrow morning, then I'm going to get a well-deserved massage and pedi (my feet are completely gross from miles of pavement-pounding to, from and between shoots and meetings) and maybe go and visit the famous statue of the lion in Raffles Place. Assuming it doesn't rain again, I'm going to visit the goddamn zoo on Tuesday, then go to my last client meeting in the evening before making a dash for the airport to fly back to London via Amsterdam :)

Things in London I miss:
  1. Liam
  2. fresh orange juice
  3. porridge (as in oatmeal, not Asian porridge, which has meat in it!)
  4. Liam