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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Drowning girl

Last day in Singapore today!

A nice lady gave me a ticket for the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, so I think I'll do that this morning after I've checked out, then have a VIP thali at my favourite restaurant in Little India, buy a new backpack from Bugis Street (mine is disintegrating at this stage) and then head for Changi Airport :) I decided not to go the zoo because I want to do the night safari too, and I'll be on  a plane to Amsterdam tonight! So I'll do it the next time I'm here :)

Finally, an actual modelling photo instead of my endless tourist pics and waffle :p I just received this photo from the ever-awesome Sean "Lightroom Blog" McCormack, from my last Irish tour. The dress is a vintage 1920s silk slip kindly gifted to me by, the home of vintage slips.

Please click here to see more of Sean's work. I've worked with him several times now and look forward to working with him again :)

I haven't had a proper naked bath since Hong Kong! Can't wait to have one with lots of vanilla bubbles and a cup of peppermint tea when I get home ^^